Company Profile


Founded: February 21, 2015.

Areas of expertise: 
Food safety
Environmental Protection.
Protection of emblematic animals (alpacas, vicuñas, etc.)
Social peace
Quality of education.
Responsible Consumption and Production
Sustainable cities and communities.
Reduction of deforestation.
Industry and Innovation
Life on the water
Water sanitation
Green mining


Our mission
is to create a new era of knowledge, discovery, and innovation leading to transformative solutions of the grand challenges faced by Peru, Latin America and the World.​

Our 6 Pillars: 
Education, Science, High Impact Projects, Technology, Innovation, and Commerce

​   Core Foundation Presentation:  "The Future of ​International Collaborations

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Letter of our President:

Core Foundation is an organization that helps reach 15 of the 17 global goals made by the United Nations for sustainable development and we have added one extra which is green mining. Core Foundation is working with national universities in Peru and brings them together with public universities in the United States and Canada to work as a team to create high impact projects to provide scientific data need it for the State Governments to take informed decisions about their population infrastructure and economic wellbeing.  Our first big success was the coordination in the creation of the first international scientific center of its kind funded by a National University in the history of Latin America. This center was created in the State of Arequipa-Peru. Core Foundation got together Purdue University from Indiana and Universidad Nacional de San Agustin de Arequipa-Peru to develop this centers that will tackle the issues of water, soil and environment and energy these centers are call NEXUS and will be ready on December 30, 2020. Our Second big success was the coordination and creation of the First Scientific and Technology Park in history of Peru call Discovery Park Junin, focus on Health and Biodiversity. This contract was made between Discovery Park from Indiana and the Universidad Nacional del Centro del Peru UNCP. Our work after creating the scientific environment is to bring the indispensable sustainability, crucial for economic development and for that we have join forces with governments and private companies.  

Macro problems in Peru are solved with the world in mind and interdisciplinary work from all the departments in the universities to create social change, food security, clean water, and green mining, technology that can then be replicated in all of Latin America and the world with our mining, health and agricultural Clusters in development. We are creating now opportunities and the environment for Peruvians to create their own wealth and close their social gap. We are also creating opportunities in the United States and Canada connecting it to a new market in need of their technology and experience thus creating many new jobs in all countries involved.  The impact of the Core Foundation has been bigger than I have ever imagined, and I can see that we are on the right track.  Our goal by 2030 is to be the most important the organization in economic development in the world and the work we are doing is taking us in the right direction.​

Ricardo J. Torreblanca 

Founder and President