Letter of our President:

Core Foundation is an organization that helps reach 15 of the 17 global goals made by the United Nations for sustainable development. Core Foundation is working with national universities in Peru and brings them together with public universities in the United States and Canada to work as a team to bring solutions, technology, innovation and knowledge transfer in a more efficient way.  Our first big success was the creation of different projects to tackle the problems in the State of Arequipa-Peru, for these we got together Purdue University from Indiana and Universidad Nacional de San Agustin de Arequipa-Peru to develop centers that will tackle the issues of water, mining, soil and environment, this centers are call NEXUS and will be ready on December 30, 2020. Macro problems in Peru are solved with the world in mind and interdisciplinary work from the all the departments in the universities to create social change, food security, clean water, and green mining technology that can then be replicated in all of Latin America and the world. We are creating opportunities for Peruvians to create their own wealth and close the social gap. We are also creating opportunities in the United States and Canada connecting it to a new market in need of their technology and experience thus creating many new jobs in both countries.  The impact of Core Foundation has been bigger that I have ever imagined, and I can see that we are on the right track. Therefore, we are in the process of locating five thousand scholarships for PhDs, annually for a period of four years, to reach the goal of seventeen thousand PhDs in science by the year 2023.  We have calculated that this is the number of PhDs needed for Peru to continue and improve its economic growth.

Ricardo J. Torreblanca Zavalaga

Founder and President

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Company Profile



Founded: December 22, 2014.

Areas of expertise: 
Water conservation, Agriculture, Education, Environment, Sustainability.



Our mission:  To create a new era of knowledge, discovery and innovation that will lead to transformative solutions to grand challenges faced by Peru, Latin America and the World.

Our Focus:

Food Security

Protection of Environment

Protection of Emblematic Animals

Economic Development

All this with Science, Technology and Innovation