We had new meetings and we continue working to help build bridges between organizations and communities. 


Our Mission

Create Progress

The Lives We Impact

Where there is hunger, there is a need. We reach out to communities abroad, Create the environment providing food solutions and economic innovations to help those communities get out of poverty and create their own wealth.  


We work with wonderful professionals, specialists, and scientists that support our work and share our goal to bring peace, growth opportunities and education to the countries that needed the most.


We look to change the lives of entire communities by bringing to them new tools to improve their means of survival. We want to not only provide them with food, we want to improve soil quality so they can grow their own food. We also bring professionals to improve teaching methods. We are a foundation that looks for the root of the problem and tries to fix it, we don't look for a momentary fix. 




On March 03, 2020 at PDAC in Toronto, Canada was the signing and start of CIMERA, the International Mining Cluster Specialize in Environment Remediation. CIMERA was created by Core Foundation, a non-profit organization located in Indiana, USA, to work on creating a set standard for environment remediation, technology transferring and securing rare minerals for the Americas.

In the Picture above from left to right are: Mrs. Paola Torreblanca-Fischer, President of CIMERA and COO of Core Foundation, Mrs. Isabel Arias, Chairman of SIMSA mining Company, Mr. Roberto Rodriguez Arnillas, Ambassador of Peru in Canada, Mr. Paul Lefebvre, Member of Parliament and Parliamentary Secretary to Natural Resources of Canada, Mr. Ricardo Torreblanca, President of the Core Foundation and Nominee for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize, Mr. Baltazar Lantarón Nuñez, Governor of Apurimac, Mr.  Augusto Cauti, Vice Minister of Energy and Mines in Peru, Mr. Douglas Morrison, President of the Center for Excellence in Mining Innovation CEMI Canada, Jorge Leon, President of Digamma Group, and Ms. Jimena Sologuren ,Subdirector of Poderosa Mining Co. 

President of Core Foundation Ricardo Torreblanca says "We are starting with Peru but CIMERA will work on uniting Latin America with Canada and United States; we are talking about, Universities, companies, local governments working together in tandem. CIMERA will create the environment for the creation of many jobs for science, infrastructure, mining, technology and will work on technology transfer with an open market economy and with respect of patents.  CIMERA will secure the rare minerals for the Americas that will benefit all the countries involve and boost their economies, don’t think this is only for the Americas our projects have the world in mind.”